Beer on the Table

Album: Way Out Here (2009)


  • This was Country music singer Josh Thompson's debut single and served as the lead-off single to his first album, Way Out Here. Ken Johnson and Andi Zack penned the song with Thompson, which peaked at #17 on the Country chart.
  • Thompson told The Boot the story of the song: "This song was written roughly about three years ago. I got together with my buddies Ken and Andi. At that time, we had an standing Tuesday writing appointment at 6:00 PM, so we would get together and have some drinks and see what we could come up with that day.
    That day, we had this idea. In about three hours, we had what we thought was a cool song. We put it away for a little while, and then we brought it back out two or three weeks later. It kind of hit us all funny that time. We fixed a couple of more things and took it to the studio. When we heard it with a full track behind it, we fell in love with it. I feel like a lot of people can relate to it, yet it's kind of a rockin' song. It's a little bit on the goofy side, which is a great introduction to me. There's plenty of time for me to get deep!"


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