Cold Beer With Your Name On It

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  • The first single released by Josh Thompson since arriving at his new label home, Show Dog-Universal Music, is both a love and a heartbreak song. "It's a good-ole-boy's way of dealing with both subjects," explained Thompson, "whether you miss someone or want to get more of someone, there's a cold beer with their name on it." The song was officially shipped to Country radio for adds on August 12, 2013.
  • The music video was directed by Chris Hicky, who is best known for directing many of Keith Urban's clips. It was shot in Thompson's favorite bar, D&S Mainstreet, which is located at 1187 Western Avenue in his hometown of Cedarsburg, Wisconsin.
  • Turn it Up was released on April 1, 2014. Thompson told Billboard magazine the name of the album reflects not only the tunes, but also the time of year. "When I named this record 'Turn It Up,' I did that not just because of the music. It's about turning up the good times and turning off the bad," he said.

    "It was going to be coming out during barbecue season and road trip season – when a lot of people are hanging outside. I wanted it to be one of those records that you put on, and listened to from start to finish and have a good time to."
  • The song was written by Brent Anderson and Clint Daniels. Thompson was attracted to the demo because of its lyrical content. "It was very sad," he noted to The Boot, "but the music just makes it okay. You get the feeling that he's gonna be just fine. She's not coming back, but he's drinking alone on a tailgate, so I'm not sure he cares."
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