The Answer

Album: Water For Your Soul (2015)


  • This song features Brazilian, Calypso, Irish fiddle, a funky guitar line, gospel and Joss Stone's trademark soulful vocal. She told "It's odd, but I love it."

    "The whole point of the song is if you can finally find your own happiness and be who you are in the daylight in front of the world, you'll find the answer to any question you're asking," Stone added. "I don't know if that's true, but I feel like it is! Basically, everyone needs to stop stressing so much."
  • Stone co-wrote the song with legendary reggae musician Dennis Bovell. Speaking about Bovell's qualities, Stone said, "He's like a reggae encyclopedia. And he can really sing. His pitch and range is massive. He's funny too, a great person to work with."
  • Joss Stone (from Billboard magazine): "This song is full of all sorts of influences, with fiddles, gospel choir and different rhythms including baiao and calypso. There are no rules to being happy in this world of music. This song is about letting go of your worries - be free, have a dance, don't waste your days worrying about what might be. Life is what you make it. Goodness is bright!"
  • When Digital Spy asked Stone if the song was inspired by a particular moment in her life, she replied: "I think it's a general conversation I have a lot with people that I love. I do find myself listening to a lot of moaning. I notice that it's our culture to moan."

    Stone added: "So we have big conversations where we're like, 'We should be doing this', 'That's wrong', 'That's wrong', and I think that in my life, it's always me going, 'Actually guys it's not that bad. We live in a fantastic country. We have free healthcare. We are very, very lucky'. These conversations have inspired the song 'The Answer', which is something we're always looking for but are never going to get."


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