Send Her My Love

Album: Frontiers (1983)
Charted: 23


  • This is about a guy who had a girlfriend, but had to let her go. He thought she deserved better, and they both knew that the love wasn't real. When he dreams, he calls out her name; he's still in love with her and he sees her face everywhere. >>
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    Michelle - Anaheim, CA
  • According to the liner notes in Journey's compilation Time3, during the band's three-month vacation following the "Escape" tours, their keyboard player Jonathan Cain listened to a lot of Beatles records. He played the chords for this song on the piano in his front room one afternoon for lead singer Steve Perry. "He could magically weave a melody over anything I could play," Cain said. Eventually released as the fourth single off Frontiers, it is one of Perry's personal favorites.
  • In his Songfacts interview, Jonathan Cain talked about what inspired this song. "I had a girlfriend when I was a teenager and somebody had called backstage to one of the shows and said, 'Virginia still talks about you and your relationship.' It was just one of those offhanded comments. I looked at her and just said, 'Send her my love.'

    I walked out, and it hit me: 'Wait a minute, that's a song!'

    I went home and I called Steve Perry up and I said I came up with this idea, and we wrote it on the spot. A lot of this stuff we wrote was just on the spot. Very, very spontaneous. We kind of wrote with an urgency because we didn't have a lot of time together. The road was hard enough. When we did write, we wrote very intense. All the lyrics were, like, within hours. We didn't mess around."

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  • Jesus from MiamiThis song makes me wanna cry sometimes too. One of the best love songs of Journey.
  • Hailey from Hobart, Indianathis song makes me wanna cry sometimes. Just thinking in perspective of someone from the '80s and losing someone from that time just sounds terrible. I wish I was alive and wished I was able to grow old with the start fo rock.
  • Jeff from Austin, TxTremendous song!! Way underrated.
  • Chip from Stratford, CtThis song takes me right back to the 80's and early MTV. An amazing time.
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtAmazing song. I am experiencing this right now except the situation is turned. I am the girl missing the guy that I let go years ago. I am still in love with him.
  • Eamon from Motherwell, ScotlandClassic rock love ballad song that remains a favourite for every Journey fan. Our life is filled with regrets and most about "Lost Love Opportunities". This track captures the mood and the moment and sets your mind off into a reflective frenzy. If only.......
    Eamon. Motherwell. Scotland.
  • Amber from Castro Valley, CaI can't remember which band member it was, i think it was Jonathon Cain, was told by someone they seen or knew this girl(girlfriend??). He responded "Send her my love" the Next time they saw her. It is a great song.
  • Hailey from Madison Heights, Vai thought that this song was about him having to leave her because he needed to leave or something like that. and that he has to find out about her through a friend of his.
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlProbably Journey's best song
  • Stacey from St.petersburg, FlI love this song so sad
  • Sara Mackenzie from Middle Of Nowhere, Flgreat song, but so, so sad
  • Belkis from Caracas, OtherI guess this is one of the finest songs ever sung Syteve Perry. To you Steve,
    Belkis (Caracas, Venezuela)
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