1973-1987, 1996-
Neal SchonGuitar, vocals1973-
Ross Valory Bass1973-1986, 1995-2020
Gregg RolieKeyboards, vocals1973-1981
Prairie PrinceDrums1973-1974
George TicknerGuitar1973-1975
Aynsley DunbarDrums1974-1978
Randy JacksonBass 1985-87, 2020-
Steve PerryVocals1977-1987, 1996-1999
Steve SmithDrums1978-1986
Jonathan CainKeyboards1981-
Steve AugeriVocals1999-2006
Jeff Scott SotoVocals2006-2007
Arnel PinedaVocals2007-
Deen CastronovoDrums1998-2015
Jason Derlatka Keyboards2020-
Narada Michael WaldenDrums2020-
  • The group started out as more of a prog-rock band with the vocals downplayed. For their first three albums, Gregg Rolie was their singer as well as their keyboard player. Their label, Columbia wasn't happy with their poor sales numbers, and pushed the group to get tighter and more radio-friendly. Adding Steve Perry did the trick; he joined for their fourth album, Infinity, and set them on a course for stardom. Rolie left in 1981.
  • They broke up in 1987 and re-formed in 1996 for the album Trial By Fire. Perry developed a degenerative hip condition which prevented the band from touring for the album, but against his wishes, the band went on without him, touring with Augeri instead.
  • A wildly popular band, Journey was often dismissed by critics as disposable pop. Grammy voters clearly disdained them, giving them only one nomination (Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal for "When You Love A Woman" in 1997 - they lost to "Free As A Bird" by The Beatles).

    They were eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000, but weren't let in until 2017, when it was abundantly clear that people were still listening to Journey and would be for quite some time.
  • In 1999, they toured with new lead singer Steve Augeri. Augeri grew up listening to Journey albums, and did lots of Journey covers before joining the band. He sounds almost exactly like Steve Perry. The first recording with Augeri was for the Armageddon soundtrack.
  • Randy Jackson, who later became a judge on the US TV show American Idol, played bass for Journey in 1986 on the Raised On Radio album. He also toured with them that year and the year after. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    homer - Dallas, TX
  • As a teenager, Schon turned down an opportunity to join Eric Clapton's band Derek and the Dominos. He did later join Santana.
  • Smith's drumming has broadened over the years partially due to his involvement in the jazz group Vital Information.
  • Prior to joining Journey, Perry sang in many commercials. One of them was for a Chicago Amusement Park.
  • Schon is the founder of Schon Guitars, which markets and sells instruments he designed himself. They are manufactured by Jackson.
  • Dunbar played with Jeff Beck, John Mayall, Lou Reed and David Bowie before Journey. He would later join Jefferson Starship.
  • Perry's band Alien Project was almost signed to CBS Records in 1978, but then their bass player was killed in a car crash. For Perry, this led to landing the vocalist spot in Journey.
  • Schon met Rolie while they were both members of Santana. Between their times in the two bands, Schon played with others in the San Francisco area, while Rolie opened a restaurant with his father in Seattle.
  • When the group formed, they held a contest on the San Francisco radio station KSAN-FM to come up with the name of the band, the winner getting tickets for life to their shows. The names terrible - stuff like Rumpled Foreskin and The Mound Pounders. John Villanueva, who worked in the band's management, came up with the name Journey, and they created a fake winner for the contest, an imaginary listener named Toby Pratt.
  • Valory had been bassist for the Steve Miller Band and Prince had played with the Tubes. He decided after a few gigs with Journey that he wanted to stay with the Tubes.
  • According to Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry brought a Bible into the studio when they recorded their last album with Perry, Trial By Fire (1996). Cain later found religion and married the renown megachurch preacher Paula White in 2015. "This really opened my eyes," Cain said of Perry's affirmation of faith. "I was still in the wilderness, but God was planting seeds in me."
  • Schon and Cain formed Bad English in 1987 with John Waite, who was lead singer in Cain's pre-Journey band The Babys. They had a #1 hit in 1989 with "When I See You Smile."
  • Before taking the name Journey, they were known as The Golden Gate Rhythm Section.
  • Steve Augeri is the voice on the single "Remember Me." He was replaced in the summer of 2006 by Jeff Scott Soto, who was dismissed in June 2007. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kevin - Newcastle upon Tyne, England
  • In late 2007 Arnel Pineda was announced as their new lead singer. He got the job after posting a video on YouTube of him performing in a Journey cover band in The Philippines called The Zoo. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • They opened the Rolling Stones' 1981 North American tour on September 25 in Philadelphia.
  • Neal Schon pronounces his surname "sh - on" (not "sh - own"). He says he's more concerned with folks spelling his first name correctly - he's often listed as "Neil."

Comments: 28

  • Mo from Mesa ArizonaI just saw Journey in Las Vegas, they were awesome. Great musicians, but I just wished Steve Perry would appear from backstage. Still, Arnel sang the words, but Perry brought the emotion.
    The first time I saw them, it was Soundstage, I believe that was the name. It was a long time ago...
  • Sherry from Middleboro, MaI saw Journey/Frampton/John Waite concert back in 2001. When Journey played, you would swear it was Steve Perrys voice. Steve Augeri sounded just like him!
  • Isabella from Gresham, OrIn my opinion, Journey will never be the same without Steve. Just like it wouldn't be the same if Neal or Jonthan left.
  • Glenorglenda from Jone's Junction, MdYou know the video for 'Seperate Ways' when they are all playing the 'air' instruments. That was voted the single gayest thing ever by the citizens of planet earth. Steve Perry tried hard to out-gay that video, but he never did anything quite that gay again.
  • Stacey from Shawano, Wi"Don't Stop Believing is the greatest song ever!!! Journey is amazing and isn't the same without Steve Perry.
  • Rob from Jemseg, Nb, -You have to admit, Journey is one of the staples of all-time rock music. It's music continues to be featured in movies, TV shows, anthems and so on. Fortunately, other than the music produced, Steve Perry was the vocal power house that gave Journey it's sound. Unfortunately, even though the band likes to continue with their longevity, I believe they are on singer #3 since Steve Perry dropped from their line-up. Moreover, as much as the band and Steve Perry are estranged at this point, the band always seems to find someone who can produce the same vocal range of Steve Perry. Who is to say if Steve Perry and Journey would ever become one again, but as a music connoisseur, I would love to see Journey and Steve Perry reunite and return to the big stage once more.
  • George from Bronx, NyAynsley Dunbar had a solo album I once listened to. It was like a street corner bar in Chicago in the 1950s and he looked like he had just stepped out of it. Around time of the "Joy Scout Jamboree" and "Marriage on the Rocks".
  • Menzo from Glasgow, United KingdomAynsley Dunbar played with UFO for a short period
  • Lester from New York City, NyTheir album 'Next', the one prior to Steve Perry joining the group, is an excellent album. It sounds nothing like Steve Perry's version of Journey.
  • Lacy from Antigo, WiI never got to see Journey with Steve Perry or Steve Augeri but I was told by a friend of the band that Augeri wasn't the nicest person to get along with and he was asked to leave mid-tour. I saw them with Def Leppard in Milwaukee last September and they had Jeff Scot Soto, he has an amazing voice and deserves a lot of respect for getting up there and doing what he does for the fans.
  • Samantha from Missouri, MoThe wheels in the sky, keepin on turnin, i don't know where i'll be tommorow....I LOVE THAT SONG!!!
  • Dani from Oakland, Casorry but perry was in the band way longer then augeri. just to let everyone know.... STEVE AUGERI IS NOT IN THE BAND ANYMORE. i know this band personally and they have a new singer and he is in the band officially starting a few days ago. i saw him live. no one will ever match perry's talent but he might come back some day because he DOES have the talent still.
  • Mike from Germantown, MdThe Golden Gate Rythym Section?
  • Mike from Germantown, MdDidn't Steve Augeri lose his voice?
  • Ben from Baltimore, MdIn my personal opinion, Steve Perry has the greatest voice of all rock music.
  • Tracy from Omaha, NeJourney is coming to Omaha where I'm from. And I am a huge fan. I would really like to go. But it will not be Journey. The Best Lead singer in all rock history will not be the front man. Steve Perry is Journey.. !!!!
  • Judy from Bridgeport, CaAlthough I've never been lucky enough to see Journey live, they are one my all time favorite bands, and I go to tears every time I hear "Faithfully". In my opinion, no other singer can match Steve Perry on that or any of there other songs. There haven't been that many bands that have replaced a lead singer and ben the same. Now Journey will be playing Reno about September 3rd, and word here in our little town 113 miles south is that some tickets were in the $100.00 price range at first, and now they're up to $300.00 and up.....ouch!! Does anyone know the truth about this?? Thanks, Judy
  • Jt from Tullahoma, TnWow, that was Augeri on Remember me? I thought Perry did that one. The two sounded so damn alike to me. I hate people who just try to be too critical. It's like the people who say My Sweet Lord and He's so fine sound nothing alike. They're the same song to me. Augeri sounds just like Perry. I think he rocks.
  • Kevin from Newcastle Upon Tyne, EnglandI'm really starting to get tired of the "I hate Augeri" bandwagon. I am a massive Journey fan and have listened to them ever since I was a kid and for the first time in my life I had the honour of seeing them live in Edinburgh on June 2nd and let me tell you that although Augeri doesn't sound like Perry, he sang the classics in his own unique way and did them justice and I'd pay to see them again, and considering Augeri's been in the band longer than Perry, to me that says something. ( I am in no way dissing Steve Perry, he was a fantastic singer in his day but I doubt very much his vocal range could take the demands of a tour anymore)
  • Sara Mackenzie from Middle Of Nowhere, Fljourney = NOT THE SAME WITHOUT STEVE PERRY!! i mean, sure, he left for many reasons and wanted to (as neal schon asked him to also) but they don't sound the same before, back in the '80s.
  • James from Windsor, CaI was a student teacher when one of Schon's children was in Kindergarten in Novato, CA back in 1993-1994. I was working with the teacher in the adjacent classroom. Schon attended his child's Open House. Isn't that sweet?
  • Latoya from Dallas, TxJourney IS NOT Journey WITHOUT STEVE PERRY! HIS VOICE ALONE is what made them who they are!!
  • Joann M. from Mesa, AzAgulaie DOES NOT SOUND LIKE STEVE PERRY!! We saw him at a state fair, he spent the whole time prancing aound on stage.all he needed was awand and Fairey wings. We ended up leving about 1/2 way into the show, half of the crowd also left.
  • Dawn from Highlands Ranch, CoBassist Ross Valory left the band around 1986 during the making or Raised on Radio, but came back for the making of Trial By Fire in 1995, and he is with the band to this day. And whether Steve Augeri sounds like Steve Perry is purely a matter of opinion. I don't think he sounds anything like Perry, and I can clearly tell the difference between the two.
  • Windle from Montgomery, AlAynsley Dunbar is also the drummer on many Frank Zappa songs and played with Frank in concert.
    skipper B)
  • Windle from Montgomery, AlAynsley Dunbar is also the drummer on may Frank Zappa songs and played with Frank in concert.
    skipper B)
  • Marsha from Concordia, KsActually, the name Journey was picked by a roadie, when the radio contest produced no viable or fesable names.
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