Still They Ride

Album: Escape (1981)
Charted: 19
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  • According to the liner notes of Journey's Time3 compilation, this song is a vignette from lead singer Steve Perry's youth, the same Central Valley scene that inspired another San Joaquin Valley escapee, George Lucas, to make the film American Graffiti. The Journey version eventually turned into the fourth Escape single, released almost a year after the album first came out.

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  • Josie from B-town, CoSteve Perry also said in Open Arms: The Steve Perry Anthology quote " 'Still They Ride is one of my favorite car songs. When I grew up in central San Joaqquin Valley, there was a thickness in the summer night after a certain time of evening, when most of the people were gone and there were only a few still crusing Main Street. The twon was so quiet that this thickness in the night had its own reality. That's where this song came from. The youth who still cruise at night still rule the night. There is something forever about it, and I love it for that. Jesse is a metaphor for a guy who won't give up the fantasy. It's probably a metaphor for me, but I love the name Jesse. 'Jesse rides through the night under the main street light, riding slow. This old town ain't the same; now nobody knows his name. Times have changed; still he rides. Traffic lights keeping time...' When cruising down Main Street at night, if you caught the right timing, you could watch the traffic lights go green and then the next block, green, and then the next block, green in some kind of delayed rhythm. If you were caught in the right place in the wave of green, you could cruise soulfully all the way through. 'Traffic lights keeping time, leading the wild and restless through the night.'"
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