Bread And Roses

Album: Bread And Roses (1976)
  • The lyrics are based on a poem called Bread And Roses written by James Oppenheim and published in 1911. The song is based on the old phrase "bread and circuses," meaning feed the people and entertain them, and you can control them. The song sympathizes with the workers, who are asking for equality. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • The singer and activist Mimi Fariña was the first to turn Oppenheim's poem into a song. She started an organization called Bread And Roses in 1974, its mission being to bring music to places that are usually not exposed to it, like nursing homes, hospitals and prisons.
  • Along with her other charity and activist work, Judy Collins also performed free for Al Kooper's fund-raising concert (to start Blood Sweat & Tears) at the Cafe Au Go Go in July of 1967 - along with Paul Simon, Eric Anderson, and a host of other talents. As given in Backstage Passes and Backstabbing Bastards, "The show went on, and it was incredible seeing Judy Collins, sweat pouring off her (as Howie's air conditioning rudely bit the bag the night she played) appearing in a small club again, showering her rekindled intimacy and perspiration on a loving audience. Everybody in the Village came down to play; there were jams and too many acts to even fit in at each show."


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