Julian Lennon

April 8, 1963
  • Julian is the first son of John Lennon. His mother Cynthia married John in 1962 when she was pregnant with Julian. Cynthia was the first Beatle wife, and part of their inner circle in their early years. As the group rose to fame, their relationship grew distant, and John took up with Yoko Ono, divorcing Cynthia in 1968 when Julian was 5.
  • Paul McCartney began writing the song "Hey Jude" (originally "Hey Jules") to comfort Julian when he drove to visit Cynthia after John left her.
  • For the first nine years after his parents' divorce, Julian rarely saw his dad. They reconnected at the urging of his mother, who called John in New York when Julian was 14 and suggested a visit. John agreed to see his son, and had him over from time to time until his death in 1980. Julian was sometimes tasked with babysitting his half-brother Sean, who was born in 1975 to John and Yoko.
  • Lennon is a formidable songwriter and musician, although he makes music only when it suits him. His debut album, Valotte, was released when he was just 21, and contained two Top 10 hits: the title track and "Too Late for Goodbyes."

    His next albums didn't fare as well, but Julian pursued other interests, including photography; his work has been displayed at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York City.
  • In our interview with Julian Lennon, he told us about his songwriting: "I write exactly the same way as I always have. It's whatever comes to mind first, whether that's musical or lyrical or an emotion. Generally it's down to whatever I'm feeling, at that point in time, strongest about. And it's generally to do with everything and anything that we all share in life emotionally."
  • He dated the actresses Brooke Shields and Olivia d'Abo. His high-profile relationships made him a tabloid target, and he was often portrayed as a spoiled playboy.
  • The biggest misperception Julian fought was that he was rich. He had a middle-class upbringing and attended public schools. His inheritance from his dad was held in a trust which was controlled by Yoko Ono. What Julian eventually received from his father's estate is unclear, but he has stated that his biggest beef with Yoko isn't over money, but about some of John's items he was hoping to keep.


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