Good Old American Way

Album: Justin Moore (2009)
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  • Moore wrote this with his frequent songwriting partners Brian Dean Maher and Jeremy Stover. He told Great American Country the story of this song: "I was at home watching the news with my dad and there was some guy on there griping about why we needed to get back to the Republican way of things. Another guy said we needed to get back to the Democratic way of things. My dad said, 'Who cares what way it is? We just need to get back to the good ole American way of things.' I thought, 'Man, that's a song title right there.' When I came back to Nashville, we wrote that song and that's one of those we wrote in a pretty short period of time. The thing I brought up was, 'I wonder what my grandpa was thinking about at the time, paying $100 to fill his truck up?' That was our motivation, what our grandpas' take would be on things."

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  • Sean from Las VegasFeel the same way as the first guy to comment. Listening to this, it basically tells us why Donald trump was elected. We're sick of Democrats and republicans, and we want someone who isn't a politician to help better our lives.
  • Leo from Westminster 1, MdThere is a sadness,anger and rage in Good Ole American Way that I can relate to. In this Sad Rocker, Country Guy Justin Moore grieves, rages and laments that our Dream and our way of life is over and about to be trampled on. I feel sad, angry and enraged that Our President Barack Obama would do such a disgraceful thing to America! It Makes Me want toCry and it Breaks my Heart! America is not the greatest country in the world anymore because it got ruined by Celebrity, Materialism and Progress. That Ain't My America and we mut rebel against such ulterior motives before it's too late! My hope is fading and I'm sad that Obama let it be this way! We all need to hear a sad Country Song to tell us how we really feel about Life. Thanks Justin for being a brilliant Country Rebel!
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