Kinda Don't Care

Album: Kinda Don't Care (2016)


  • This anthem for jilted exes was penned by Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman and Ben Hayslip. Though Moore didn't write the song, he chose it as Kinda Don't Care's title track because it fit in perfectly with his theme for the album. "The song is one that I had on hold for a couple of years. It may come off a little nonchalant and lackadaisical, but on this album we were really trying to marry that stone-cold country side of what I do, which my music is rooted in, with a more modern sound," he explained to "We gotta try to keep up with these young cats who are starting now, who have 'hip-ed' it up a little. It was our goal to marry those ideas together as seamlessly as we possibly could. And I hope we did that."
  • The song's music video was directed by Cody Villalobos and filmed during several tour stops over the 2017 summer including shows in Sacramento and Redding, California; and Enumclaw, Washington.

    "I am lucky enough that my wife and kids let me spend so much time on the road," Moore said. "Performing for my fans is what I love the most about this career and know they are the reason it's possible. So, I thought it would be really cool to showcase 'Kinda Don't Care' and the tour in this way."
  • Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman and Ben Hayslip originally sent the song to the singer's producer, Jeremy Stover. Justin Moore recalled to The Boot:

    "Typically, my producer goes out and looks [for songs] if we want to look for some outside material, or if I haven't written at all, he'll go out and find stuff. Rhett and Ross and I in particular have written a lot of songs together and had hits together. So when I see their names on a song, I definitely pay attention, because they're buddies, and we've had a lot of success together.

    I think that ['Kinda Don't Care'] was sent to my producer, and he sent it to me. The honky-tonk nature of it [drew me to it]; it just, to me, was kind of old school, something like Hank [Williams] Jr. would have done. Rhett and Ross and Ben, who wrote it, they're so good at turning lyrics and coming up with unique ideas."
  • The song's name immediately drew Justin Moore's attention. He said: "I thought, 'Man, I never heard "Kinda Don't Care" as a title.' I've always really liked titles that are different and ideas that are different, and I thought this kind of checked both boxes. We did some different things, as far as musically, on this album, and so I still wanted it to be traditional in a lot of aspects, too, so this helped with that."


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