Point At You

Album: Off the Beaten Path (2013)
Charted: 53
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  • The first single from Justin Moore's third album is a love song. He told The Boot how previous releases like "Til My Last Day" have opened up a new avenue for him. "It's still me, but I hadn't done a love song prior to that one, and the fact that it was so successful opened my eyes to the fact that we can do some more stuff in that vein," he explained. "It's still going to sound like me. I'm obviously not going to cross over or anything like that. But we cut some more songs with that in mind. It worked."
  • The song was penned by Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip and Ross Copperman. Hayslip told Roughstock about the writing of the tune. "We got there, and when you write with Ross, he usually has some sort of groove or track or something laid out already," said the Nashville songsmith. "It's crazy how a song falls out from that a lot faster than a normal co-write. I don't know why. I think Ross also had the idea, 'Point at You,' but that's all we had. We had a half-done track and a title. I loved the idea and the way it felt.
    "Of course me and Rhett grew up together, and we are very similar," he continued. "We were not always the best guys. We were pretty wild. We drank a little bit, and we were party guys growing up. I loved this song idea and the title and the way it felt kind of fit, especially for me from that aspect of where I used to be compared to the way I am now in my life. I've still got a wild side to me, but I've got this girl over here. If you want to see that side of me - the soft side of me - I just point to you. That song just kind of fell out. The title was there, the track was there; all we had to do was fill in the blanks. It came out pretty easy."
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