Remember You're a Girl

Album: Off With Their Heads (2008)


  • The band's drummer Nick Hodgson is the vocalist on this ballad.
  • Kaiser Chief bassist Simon Rix told Drowned In Sound about the recording of this song: "We played it through in the rehearsal room a few times: Me on bass, Peanut on drums and Nick singing and guitaring. We recorded it like that in Old Chapel and liked it. We knew it wasn't finished but we didn't want to ruin it by overcomplicating or over-thinking it. We never played it again until we did it in the studio. Nick kept the same drum beat as Peanut had done on the demo because we thought that was very important to the feel of the song. He used tea-towels on the drums and they were mic'ed very closely to get more of a sixties sound. A lot of good albums are like a night out, starting with getting ready and going out and reaching a peak and then going home and the night winding down. That's why this song is really important on the album and is the last song."


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