Let's Roll Just Like We Used To

Album: Velociraptor! (2011)


  • This is the opening track from the British indie group Kasabian's fourth studio album, Velociraptor!. Guitarist and principal songwriter Serge Pizzorno told Q magazine: "We've always started each album off with a banger, 'Club Foot,' 'Empire' 'Underdog.' This time we wanted to do something different. It's a mental tune. All the classic albums draw you in and that's what 'Let's Roll'… does."
  • The song describes two kids on a wasteland looking to the horizon. Pizzorno told Q they are the young him and Tom (Meighan, vocals). "The song's kind of a love letter to Tom, really. That's us on the farm where we lived when we were writing our first album. Smoking weed morning, noon and night. We'd sit out looking for aliens."


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