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  • This bluesy ballad is about the brotherly love between Kasabian singer Tom Meighan and songwriter/guitarist Serge Pizzorno. Meighan noted to Q magazine: "It's a love song written for me." We've been through the mill me and Serge, so it was a lovely thing for him to do... I've got to go and write a song about him now (laughs)."
  • The song title is short for Scissor Paper Stone. Pizzorno told NME: "You write what you experience. It's difficult to find subjects when your life goes... y'know. But me and Tom is so often find ourselves on the bus at seven or eight in the morning, and it's about having a soundtrack for that moment when you go,'F---, it would be amazing if there was a song about this.' Everyone's had it when you go out and its past two and you go, 'F---, I've really got to go to bed,' and then you go,'One more tune.' It's about the game of who can stay up."
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