You're In Love With A Psycho

Album: For Crying Out Loud (2017)
Charted: 62


  • This song features quirky surrealist lyrics like:

    The doctors say I'm crazy, that I'm eight miles thick
    I'm like the taste of macaroni on a seafood stick

    Kasabian guitarist and songwriter Serge Pizzorno explained to The Independent: "The story of that song is a man or a woman who has visions of being the prodigal son, thinking he's friends with Axel Foley… having an argument outside an off-licence and reciting Bukowski to win back the person they love."

    He added: "We all have those moments in relationships… or we know a friend who has, where you look at each other and go, 'That was a bit strong... I only forgot to put the bins out."
  • Pizzorno wisely decided to change the title to avoid getting grief from his wife. He told the BBC: "Originally it was, 'I'm in love...' but I looked at my wife and thought I can't do that. It could be about anyone but I have had a few texts from my mates asking is that about my missus?"
  • Set in the West Pauper Lunatic Asylum – a nod to the title of the band's third album from 2009 - the video depicts the band members as crazed inmates. Comedian Noel Fielding joins proceedings along with This Is England and Taboo actor Stephen Graham. It's not the first Kasabian video Fielding has appeared in - he previously was a vampire slayer in "Vlad The Impaler" from West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.
  • The video was blasted by mental health charity Time To Change. The charity claimed that "calling people with mental health problems psychos was damaging".

    "It wasn't our intention to offend anyone," Pizzorno told The Sun. "We made a video about two films we love - Groucho Marx's Duck Soup and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. It is what it is."

    "It's also a nod to West Ryder, an album we made a few years ago," he added. "And the phrase and chorus came from my mates, having a laugh about being home late."
  • This won best track at the 2017 Q Awards.
  • Serge Pizzorno told Q Magazine the story of the song. "It came from nowhere. It's one of those things that happened in five minutes, which rarely occurs. It just flowed. It just made me laugh. A lot of friends think it's about them and say to me, 'That's not about me or my missus is it?' And you go, 'No, no, no.' So a lot of people relate to it."


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