Hammer Horror

Album: Lionheart (1978)
Charted: 44
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  • The song is about two actors who are friends. One is playing the lead role in a production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a part he's read all of his life and has been waiting for a chance to play. After many rehearsals he accidentally dies and his friend is asked to take over the role,which he does because his own career is on the line. The dead man comes back to haunt him because he doesn't want him to have the role, believing that he is taking away the only chance he ever had in life. The actor is saying, "Leave me alone, it's not my fault. I have to take this role but I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do because the ghost won't leave me alone and is really freaking me out. I see him at every corner."
  • This was inspired by James Cagney playing the role of Lon Chaney as the hunchback-he was an actor in an actor in an actor, rather like Chinese boxes, and that was what Kate was trying to create. >>
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    Lee - Ottawa, Canada, for above 2
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  • Alan Murphy from IrelandI always thought this song was about a woman losing her virginity - "First time in my life, I keep the lights on to ease my soul." and the phrase "Hammer horror" referring to sex. I think it must be, consciously or unconsciously, about this as well as the above.
  • Rod from Gainesville, FlJeez i don't know if the explanation is right I just thought it was someone being tormented and they refer to Hamer Horror which was a series of pictures made in english studios.
  • Erick Overveen from Amsterdam, NetherlandsI like the way she sings about the metaphysics of horror, ans strange phenomenals like death and ghosts
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