Snowed in at Wheeler Street

Album: 50 Words For Snow (2011)
  • This tale of longing throughout the ages finds Kate hooking up with Elton John. Speaking to Mojo magazine, Bush said the song was written for the legendary star and that she, "didn't know what I would have done," had he not agreed to do it.
  • The song is about two lovers whose shared history runs from Roman times to the present day. Bush told Mojo magazine: "I supposed it was these lovers who keep meeting up over different lifetimes, but each time they meet, they get torn apart again. I had an idea for that some time ago, but didn't start writing it until I came to this record. It started with the idea of some sort of time traveling, but then it moved into what I felt was s more interesting idea: these souls that are meant to be together but then keep being pulled apart again."
  • In 1991, Bush's cover of "Rocket Man," which she recorded for an Elton John tribute album called Two Rooms, peaked at #12 on the UK singles chart.


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