Album: Graffiti U (2018)


  • Here, Keith Urban sings of his wife Nicole Kidman, describing her as a complete woman.

    She's a maniac in the bed
    But a brainiac in her head

    During an interview with ET, Urban was asked how long he has wanted to do a song like that about his wife. He replied:

    "Everything is very spontaneous when I create. Rarely do I have a very set idea and often that changes anyway. 'Gemini' started with the four of us in that room Ian Kirkpatrick, Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels and myself. Ian had a cool little groove going, I started playing guitar and start humming and Justin and Julia are asking about Nic. 'Tell us about Nic?' 'Well, she's a Gemini,' and Julia starts singing,'maybe she's both' and the song started to take off from there."
  • Singer-songwriter Julia Michaels also features on another Graffiti U track, "Coming Home," which she co-wrote and also contributed vocals. Keith Urban first came across Michaels when he heard her hit single "Issues" and then immediately wanted to hear more from the pop songstress.

    "She put out a song called 'Issues,' and I loved it, and then I got her EP and there's maybe just seven or eight songs on it, but I literally loved every single song on that record and I thought I just got to figure out if I can write with her someday," said Urban. "And her and two of the writers, we got together one day, and we wrote a song called 'Gemini,' which is on the album. And then I was working on this song called 'Coming Home,' and I needed, I just wanted some more color on finishing out the song, so I called in Julia and she helped me finish it out and then sang on the bridge."
  • Speaking on Australian radio show Kyle & Jackie O, Kidman admitted some of the lyrics in this song had her blushing.

    "I don't censor his art if I can be a muse for it," she said, but added the "Gemini" line, "She's a maniac in the bed but a brainiac in her head," left her somewhat embarrassed. "Still," the actress said smiling, "It's better than saying 'God, I'm so bored. Make an effort, Nicole!'"


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