If Ever I Could Love

Album: Defying Gravity (2009)


  • Urban wrote this song with Darrell Brown. He said on the Country Music review site Roughstock: "We've written a lot of things before. I asked Darrell to send me some drum loops. I write a lot from them."
  • The Defying Gravity album title comes from a line in this song. Urban explained to Roughstock: "We were in the studio doing some overdubs on the song and as I was listening to the fiddle that was being played, I heard the lyrics going by and especially that line 'defying gravity.' I wrote it down and I realized that's really what this record is about."
  • Urban expanded on the album title to CMT News. He said: "It's a very 'up' record, and the record is a lot of that - falling in love and being brave to fall in love - because it takes a lot of bravery to open your heart up and be vulnerable to love. And so it's about rising above things and enduring and not being dragged down. There are a lot of metaphors for that in the title."
  • Defying Gravity was Urban's first ever #1 album on the Billboard 200 chart.
  • The inspiration for this song came from a heart to heart conversation Urban and Brown had during a lunch break. Brown told People Magazine: "We were sitting on a picnic bench talking about the song and about life. It's like group therapy when I'm with Keith." Urban added that he shared something his wife once said that stuck with him: "Early on when we were dating, she said, 'I'm ready to be brave for us, for you,' and I thought, 'My God, that's what it's about.'"


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