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  • This mid-tempo jam finds Kelly singing about a deadbeat boyfriend. "I may not be Einstein but dumb + dumb ='s YOU!" she insists. Clarkson's song is one of several in popular music to name check the German-Swiss scientist who formulated the theory of relativity. Here are a few more:

    "Einstein" by Gabriella Cilmi
    I'd like to think like Einstein
    Know the beauty of pi

    "Einstein On the Beach (For An Eggman)" by Counting Crows
    Einstein's down on the beach standing in the sand
    'Cause everything he believes in is shattered

    "Set The World On Fire" by Megadeth Einstein said "We'll use rocks on the other side"

    "Desolation Row" by Bob Dylan. The fifth verse imagines a washed-up Albert Einstein living on Desolation Row.

    "E+MC2" by Big Audio Dynamite. The song title refers to Einstein's formula that made nuclear power possible.

    "Einstein A Go-Go" by Landscape. This techno-pop song was a #5 hit in the UK for British group Landscape in 1982.
  • A keen amateur violin player himself, Einstein played Bach and Mozart. During his time in Princeton, New Jersey, Einstein used to play his violin in a string quartet. Whilst he enjoyed the sessions, his colleagues were not so enthused. One of the other players complained of him after one performance: "He can't count."


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