It's That Time of Day

Album: Life on a Rock (2013)


  • Kenny reflects back on a wonderful time spent on a boat trip with friends over soft guitars and light steel drums. He told Billboard magazine: "You're just on a boat, listening to music with friends, you may or may not have been technically over-served, but just the feeling of living in the moment and enjoying what God has given you. I'm tellin' you, there's a time of day when you have to say goodbye to everybody, say goodbye to that day, and everybody collects there things, gets off the boat, and me and the boat captain would have to take the boat back over and tie it up. We have a routine, we'd give everybody a big hug, tell 'em you love them, it's just the idea of taking that emotion, taking that day, and like the song says, 'this ain't a goodbye, it's 'til I see you again.'

    "When you look at that in the broader sense of life," he continued, "it starts to mean a lot more than just people getting off the boat, watching a great sunset, and I'm really glad I was able to capture that feeling. A lot of things go through your mind that time of day. The fact that we get to share that with people, all these wonderful, creative, mentally insane, crazy souls I call my circle of friends that have really inspired my life, to be able to write a song about what that feels like."


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