Out Last Night

Album: Greatest Hits Vol 2 (2009)
Charted: 16


  • This song recounts what happened at a party that took place the previous night. The song captures the way a night out can turn into a real good time by taking the opportunity to have fun in the moment. Chesney explained: "I think people have so much heavy stuff to deal with. You can get so lost in all of that, that you miss the little things that make life worth living. And I believe we have a choice: we can drown in the bad stuff, or we can figure out how to laugh a little bit. Sometimes it's as simple as just hanging out with your buddies somewhere. That's what the song is about. Not anything more than just that… and yet, when things are bad, talking about sports, flirting with the girls, not doing much of anything can sure make you feel a whole lot better for a little while – and that can make everything a whole easier to shoulder."
  • This was the one new track on Chesney's Greatest Hits Vol 2 album.
  • Chesney co-wrote this with the Nashville songwriter Brett James, whose resume includes writing credits with Carrie Underwood ("Jesus Take The Wheel"), Jessica Andrews "Who I Am" and Martina McBride ("Blessed"). He also wrote Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker's Country #1 "When the Sun Goes Down."
  • Chesney debuted this song at the RCA (now Sony Music Nashville) Boat Show at the 2009 Country Radio Seminar.
  • This song was born during a vacation on Chesney's boat somewhere in the Caribbean with a mixture of songwriter friends (including Brett James) and locals. One morning, Kenny Chesney remarked to James about the carnage, "well, I guess we went out last night." Inspired the pair sat down to capture the moment and within a few hours and a lot of laughs, they'd penned this song. Chesney commented on his website: "Sometimes you just know when you've got one. We both knew it was everything having one of those nights is made of – and the more we wrote, the more we laughed and the more we laughed, the more we knew as bad as we felt, we were gonna do it all again that very night."
  • This was Chesney's 17th #1 on the Hot Country Songs chart and his fourth consecutive chart-topper, excluding unpromoted album tracks, following "Better as a Memory", "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven" and "Down the Road."
  • Brett James told Roughstock how he and Chesney penned the song during a last minute writing trip. "Kenny called me on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago," he recalled. "I was standing in my kitchen, and he goes, 'Hey man ... what are you doing the day after tomorrow?' I was like I have a wife and four kids ... it's Christmas vacation. I said, 'Nothing. What do you have in mind?' He was like, 'I'm going down to the islands to write some songs.' That sounded like more fun than what I had planned. Forty-eight hours later, Kenny and I were on the islands.

    "Like most people probably do in the islands, the first night you're there, you're all excited, so we went out and had fun," James continued while smiling. "He did get in much later than I did, for the record [laughs]. The next morning, I was on his balcony. He's got one of the prettiest balconies I've ever seen. I was strumming on my guitar. He walked out and kind of wiped the sleep out of his eyes, and he said, 'Man ... we went out last night! I was like, 'Hey! That's our title'.

    "We just started writing right then," added James. "All I remember about writing that song is laughing. We had a ball writing that song. The fun thing about that song, too, is that we wrote that song around his pool, then later that afternoon, we wrote 'Reality' by the pool. Thanks to Kenny Chesney, I had a day where I got to write two #1 songs in a day. That will probably never happen again in my life [laughs]! Thank you, Kenny ... where ever you are!"


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