Album: Animal (2010)
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  • Kesha explained in the album's press release that this song is about getting hit on by "old dudes."
  • Rolling Stone asked Kesha if she intentionally sets out to write party songs. The singer replied: "People ask me that, and I don't know, I just write about what I live - literally, my entire record is totally autobiographical, because I think there's a great pop song in anything and everything, any situation. There's a song called 'Dinosaur' about this old guy who was hitting on me, and his toupee was kind of falling off, and I was like, 'Oh my God, you're so old, you're prehistoric, you're like a dinosaur. D-I-N-O-S-A-you are a dinosaur.'"
  • According to interviews, Kesha's favorite dinosaur is the plesiosaur, a marine reptile with paddlelike limbs that was common in Europe and North America during the Mesozoic Era. As far as we're aware, she has not nominated a favorite "old dude!"

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  • Alisia from Columbus, GaThis is my fave song right now!I love how upbeat and danceable it is!:):):)
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlOh geez...This song really taught me how to spell dinosaur! :) It also inspired me to make a big purple dinosaur pinata for my Spanish class! lol
  • Amy from Garret, In, InKe$ha is the pimpin'est rapper of like, all time, so don't go all dissin' her. My favorite kind of music is rock and metal, but when it comes to rap and hip hop, I can't stand it. Ke$ha's music is a wonderful exception, though. Keep it up, Ke$ha! (PS my favorite dinosaur is a magic liopleurodon^^ Charlie The Unicorn FTW)
  • Jocelyn from New York, Nyke$ha is like the best female artist out there!
  • Ivy from Springfield, NeKe$ha is such a stereotype of a teenager!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh she is giving all of us such a bad name!!!!
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