Album: American Teen (2015)
  • Khalid's first ever song, this finds him reminiscing about a past relationship:

    But I'll keep your number saved
    Cause I hope one day you'll get the sense to call me
    I'm hoping that you'll say
    You're missing me the way I'm missing you

    Khalid hopes she still thinks about him in the same way he can't stop thinking about her.
  • Khalid recalled the writing of the song. "I remember one time I was thinking, I really have plans to do this for a living, and I just need to find a way to start," he told Billboard magazine. "I had met these guys I had went to school with. One guy had played the guitar and he tells me, yeah, we can do a song at my house."

    "Literally the next day, I sat in the shower until it was finished, went over to his house, recorded it in one take, didn't want to listen to it," Khalid continued. "I was like I might as well upload it and see what happens. Put it on Soundcloud, and that was pretty much the start."
  • The song focuses on relationships in the digital era.

    "The moment that 'Saved' came to me was after my move from New York to El Paso," Khalid recalled to Genius. "I was in a relationship at the time, and everything was super rocky because of the lack of distance. We didn't see each other face to face anymore. We soon decided, after I moved, that the relationship wasn't as necessary as it was. She had to find herself. I had to find myself. But at the same time, we always let each other know, 'I'll keep your number saved in case you need me. In case you need someone to talk to. If you want a conversation. If you fall for me again.' It was a sense of comfort, just by having her number. I still have her number to this day."
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