Embrace The Journey... Upraised

Album: Incarnate (2016)
  • This is actually two songs - "Embrace the Journey" being the name of the instrumental that leads into "Upraised." Lead singer Jesse Leach explained to TeamRock: "We did it that way to keep a certain amount of songs because we wanted a Side A and a Side B for people who listen to vinyl. We're catering to people who listen to vinyl on this record, which is why we spaced the songs in the way that we did."
  • The song features speedy rhythms accented by tempo changes and Leach's vicious-sounding vocals. He said: "The staccato almost death metal delivery was very much inspired by Cannibal Corpse, and Adam (Dutkiewicz, guitar) working with Corpsegrinder. I wanted that rapid-fire delivery, so Adam and I actually worked together on the placement of the vocals to make sure it sounded exciting."

    "It's one of those Killswitch songs - and we did one on Disarm as well - where it starts off very thrashy, then the chorus goes big and slow," Leach added. "It mimics 'All We Have' in that way, and lyrically it's one of those deep soul searching songs that I can't really talk about without getting personal, so I'll leave this one alone."


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