Modern Day Delilah
by Kiss

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  • This the first single from Kiss' 2009 album Sonic Boom, the American rock band's first new album in 11 years. The set was produced by Kiss co-leader Paul Stanley and is the first to feature guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer (who replaced founding members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss).
  • The original "Delilah" was a Philistine temptress in the Old Testament whom the Israelite Samson fell in love with. She persuaded the biblical hero to reveal the secret of his great strength and betrayed him to his enemies. The "Delilah" in this song is a similar present day femme fatale.
  • In Canada and the US the retailer Walmart is the sole distributor of Sonic Boom. Co-leader Gene Simmons explained why to Billboard magazine: "The world's a different place. I'm not a fan of downloading for free. I don't believe in anything for free. The kids next door that we think are sweet and have freckled faces were never punished for stealing everything. You can literally point to a million people out of work - the truckers that truck the records to the stores, the stores themselves that used to hire people, the gasoline they used, the warehouses - an entire industry is wiped out because some college kid didn't want to pay for songs. And who's to blame? The record industry, for never having a repercussion.

    If you try to break into my house, I'll shoot your head off. Are you out of your f--king mind? But fans were allowed to break into stuff that people created and simply take it without paying for it, and that is nobody's fault but the record industry. It was lax. Walmart is a real company. We met the Walton people - they're fine upstanding people, we're big fans of them, and they give millions of people jobs and we're all for it. And they're willing to charge for the product. Last time I checked, Kiss is not a charity. I will let you know when I want to give my stuff away for free. I don't want you to determine that."
  • Talking about the song on Kissonline, Paul Stanley said: "When I came up with the riff, the spirit was more (Kiss' 1976 song) 'I Want You' - early Kiss. There are only so many notes in a scale." >>
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  • Gary from Springfield, MoSinger Van Stephenson released a song titled "Modern Day Delilah" in 1984. He died of melanoma in 2001.
  • Jason from Aurora, CoJosh it has NOTHING to do with thier rights or them profiting from it. It has to do with the Rock and Roll hall of fame having blinders on to band s such as KISS, RUSH, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST I could go on and on. ABBA and Madonna are in for Pete's sake.
  • Josh from Leroy, NyJason, The reason KISS is not in the hall of fame is because they will not give them their rights!!! i ahve to explain this to all KISS fans!!! Paul and Gene are businessman that won't give up their rights unless they get some profit off of it!! AMAZING SONG!!
  • Jason from Denver, CoThis is a kick ass song. I am very happy with the entire album. The thing that PISSES me off is that KISS is STILL not in the Rock and Roll hall of fame. WAKE THE HELL UP OVER THERE!!!!The 2010 inductees are bands that have done NOTHING in DECADES. Again I say WAKE THE HELL UP!! KISS IS ROCK AND ROLL!! Get a f--kING clue Rock and Roll hall of fame staff!!
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