Love Will Set You Free

Album: Coming Up For Air (2015)


  • This was a first for Kodaline - they co-wrote this song with Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid. "We've never written with anyone else, so it was an experience," vocalist Stephen Garrigan told The Sun.
  • Courteney Cox directed the song's music video. Kodaline's Mark Prendergast told Digital Spy: "We always do these videos with a narrative and a story, we bring people in and it's to make them feel bad or uplifting. With this one, we were in LA during two days off from the tour, so we said, 'let's just shoot ourselves mucking about.' The lads' girlfriends were there and I flew some friends over, so we just hung out for three days in the sun on the beach. We wrote the song with Courteney's fiancé [Johnny McDaid] in her house, so she said she'd love to shoot a video with us. We've never actually shot a video that's just the personality of the band."
  • Asked if Courteney Cox is a strict director, Prendergast replied: "A lot of it was fly-on-the-wall. She wanted it to be natural. We never shot anything twice. The cameras were always on but after a few days you learned to completely ignore them. There were performance shots with Steve sitting at the piano which was the only moment when she was like, 'Right, let's do this again,' but the rest of it is just us hanging out."
  • Courteney Cox explained how the video collaboration came about. "After spending some time with the band while they were working with Johnny, I thought I would love to shoot a video for this song that shows the real side of these guys," she said. "They are sweet, loving and personable, I wanted to show that."


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