Hollow Life
by Korn

Album: Untouchables (2002)
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  • This song is about people's helpless belief in God, hoping that he will help them in their time of need, but rarely doing so. >>
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    Paul - Westlake, OH
  • The entire album saw Korn trying to revive the nu-metal genre, which they viewed as "soulless."
  • Lead singer Jonathan Davis said that the songs on the album dealt with subjects like being an outcast and getting sick of being a victim.

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  • Kitty Black from Another DimensionWell, well I am amused how different people perceive one and the same thing. I have never thought about any other meaning because from the first time I heard that song and I was very young then it became my favorite song. I felt it with my heart. I thing so did Jonathan and it is all about a perception on a deeper level about the human soul and the human life which goes far beyond our beliefs about mortality and the meaning of life itself. We are here obsessing over things that don`t matter in the sense of the universe and live one and the same hollow life scared to die. We don`t understand that our souls are much more powerful and came here in that moment and dimension far across the time and space for far bigger purpose. Which most of us sadly waste. I believe this one has a great power since Jonathan has always said that he is highly spiritual person I am sure that he has far deeper understanding of spiritual world that he even shows.
  • Ashley from Battle Creek, Mi"I am a stoicist and ppl who dont know what that is, well it means that i dont believe in god until im given proof..." That is not Stoicism. In fact, the movement takes no stance on the existence of a divine being, rather focusing on the control of human nature and the pursuit of happiness through that venture. You seen to be describing Agnosticism. Either way, great song. Its meaning seems rather obvious. Our existence is kinda pointless. So much so, that we will even invent things to try to give it meaning, such as religion. It doesn't even matter if you're alive, asleep or dead. Any of those states would be experienced as your reality. It's pretty much his take on Macbeth's "She should have died hereafter..." speech.
  • Nathan Ritz from Paoli, InThank you brian your the only other person on this site who dont beleive in god im athiest though your not so f--k off keep your opinions to your self and shut the hell up no one cares about you or your opinion
  • Konner from Dacula, Australiayo Brian, Runnemede dude, you cant even say that! my brother was f--king possessed and nt holly wood s--t ither he was straight up having s--t appear on him and after praying to the god you dnt believe in, the writing stopped. and im cool with you not believing in god cause u dnt have proof but heres something you should know, you dnt want proof bro. as for this song i agree with martin owens. you cant make judgements on jd cause face it you dnt know him.
  • A.w. from Wichita, Ksdamn good song...i can feel the emotion in the song
  • Rhys from Mandurah, WaThis Is My Fav Song from korn

    i own every korn album and korn,s my second fav band and they as well, kick ass!

    its worth buying all their albums, trust me!

    and this song is also freakin brilliant

    Love korn for ever!
  • Ada from Panevëþys, OtherGreat song, it is one of the first songs that I liked before I strated being Kîßn fan
  • Joshua Velez from Vineland, NjI believe this song is about John's Perception of All religion and the people throwing their lives away on religeon.Haveing Hollow lives because they waste time waiting on the "Signs" of their gods that cease to exist in thease days.This song is not just directed at the Christian religieon,but infact all religieon.I think John finally Found Peace with himself after he decided to let religion go.I personally think Religion is somthing humans try to come up with as a comforter to deal with everyday life.It is there to make rules for all humanity.Basically a "Heavenly Government".All religeion is the same in the end.Anyone who belives in others will perish,and for those who are loyal A promise of peace("Heaven")in the end.Witch of course leads to religious war and such.

    anyway thats what I thought of.

    This is one of Korn's best songs.
  • Jeff from Helena, Mti just bought myself a saddle. so now i can ride my horse to school, and be comfortable about it.
  • Jeff from Helena, Mtthis song is awesome, and im christian.
    and im also the only one from montana on this page.
  • Martin Owens from Belfast, Irelandthe song is about people who go to masss and say that they do and when they come out they dont better themselves for it they go to mass and then they talk about their neighbour. thats what i think is the moral of that song it could mean alot of things. but i do know that jd has lack of faith in god :S
  • Brian from Runnemede, NjI believe this song is about everyone wasting their life away praying to god and going to heaven. Well when my friend died a very agonizing death, where was god? Or when my grandmother died from her 4th heart attack, she had heart failure, both kidneys failed and her liver failed, where the hell was god?! I am a stoicist and ppl who dont know what that is, well it means that i dont believe in god until im given proof, and well you holy rollers out there have total s--t for proof saying that i have to believe and all that BS! well it got me nowhere in life and it will get you nowhere in life. Sorry if i offended anyone besides the holy rollers. This is definitly one of the best and most meaningful songs.
  • Sammy from Perth, Australiaall their songs have understandable meanings, you just gotta listen to the "SICK" lyrics.
  • Joseph from La, CaI think this would have made for an interesting music video.
  • Chris from Aurora, IlI am a catholic, but i still think this song is great. Too many people use religion to justify their helplessness, ans never try to better themselves.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjFor the most part, I was talking about the music on the album, although I think Jon was getting a little bit more diverse with his lyrics for this album, talking about other things that go on around us rather than just talking about his own personal problems.
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, OhIssues was their best cd people... but this is third, with in follow the leader in second. This album does have quite a bit of meaning.. but so do all Korn albums. This one's meaning are just more readily apparent to the causal observer (i.e. anyone who thinks this is the msot meaningful album).
  • Kevin from Webster, MaI think the songs on this album have the most meaning.
  • Kevin from Webster, MaI agree that this was their best CD since their first one.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjThis was the best CD since their first one.
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