American Dreamers

Album: not on an album (2014)
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  • Kristian Bush opens his Southern Gravity album with this song, which was originally written by Bob DiPiero, Jon Nite and Jeff Cohen. The trio sent the demo to Bush and he re-wrote some of the verses and parts of the bridge before working up the tune.
  • Bush intended this song for his 2015 Southern Gravity album, but it didn't make the cut. He never released it, but had performed it live. At one concert, he explained the meaning: "In the spirit of reinvention, and the spirit of what happens if enough people believe one thing, you can change it. You can make it happen. You can build it out of something that didn't exist the day before, and I think that's really unbelievable. And I think that's a product of the country we live in. Because we live here we believe we can do it. My mother told me every day: If you can imagine it, you can do anything you put your mind to. She must have said it enough times that I believed her - look what I'm doing."
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