Other Side Of The World

Album: Eye To The Telescope (2006)
Charted: 13


  • This song is about the difficulty and futility of long distance relationships. Before playing this song live, Tunstall often instructs members of the audience who are in long distance relationships, to "throw their cell phones on to the stage." At her Austin City Limits show she said, "What the hell were you thinking? It's a stupid idea!" >>
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    Katie - Woodland Hills, CA
  • In an interview with I Like Music, Tunstall gave her personal description of this song: "The song is inspired by a couple of really close friends of mine. The girl is American and the guy is from St. Andrews in Scotland where I live. I met them years ago and they've been together for about six years but never lived in the same country. I made my way down to London and they came to visit me and they just decided that they couldn't be together anymore. I could see that they were completely in love with each other but neither was willing to sacrifice their lives, jobs and friends and there just wasn't enough love. I've been in long distance relationships myself, and everything to an extent is autobiographical when you're writing it, because it's your perspective of it. It's not recommended. I'm still in touch with them. 'Get back together!'"

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  • Fermin from Resistencia, ArgentinaBeautiful song! Beautiful voice! Love her and her lyrics, really!
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