Fred And Rose

Album: not released on an album (2011)


  • This is a most unconventional love duet between a man and a baby-sized puppet of himself. We're like Fred and Rose. Who?

    Fred West was a particularly depraved individual who corrupted teenager Rosemary Letts, the girl who would become his second wife and equal partner. West murdered his first wife, Rena Costello, and the two murdered their own daughter, Heather, who was buried under their property at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester. In addition to luring young women to their home and murdering them, West pimped out his wife. When their crimes were finally exposed, the police dug up their house the same way police at Des Plaines dug up the house of John Wayne Gacy, who had likewise buried his victims underneath it.

    Fred West committed suicide in Winson Green Prison on January 1, 1995, 9 years and 12 days before another and even more prolific serial killer, Dr. Harold Shipman, would hang himself in his cell at Wakefield Prison.

    Rosemary West stood trial on ten counts of murder at Winchester Crown Court in October 1995; she was convicted on all counts and given the mandatory life sentence. She murdered Charmaine West by herself. At the time, her husband was in prison on a theft charge. Charmaine was the step-daughter of Fred West, and the daughter of Rena Costello.

    "We're like Fred and Rose, I'd murder the lodger for you" sums up the inspiration for the song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England


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