by Kyle (featuring Lil Yachty)

Album: Light of Mine (2016)
Charted: 33 4


  • West Coast rapper Kyle collaborates with Atlanta native Lil Yachty on this fun track with screwball lyrics about positive vibes and living life to the fullest. Kyle commented on Genius:

    "We both have distinct and uplifting voices and overall messages. In my songs I like to say that it's going to be alright. Lil Boat's voice really makes it sounds like everything's going to be okay - it sounds like Bob Ross or something."
  • The song begins with Lil Boat giving Kyle a pep talk to ignore the haters and focus on the good things in life. Kyle said:

    "We both wanted to do a really cinematic intro. Both of us have speaking intros on our mixtapes. I wanted to see us do that together. We just freestyled it - there are actually some funnier takes that didn't get in there."
  • Kyle discusses on the hook his tactics for finding girls on Instagram:

    I spy with my little eye
    A girlie I can get 'cause she don't get too many likes
    A curly-headed cutie I can turn into my wife
    Wait, that means forever, ever, hold up, never mind

    The West Coast rapper explained:

    "You're on the Instagram explore page and you see all these girls—lo and behold they have like 2 millions likes per photo and 100,000 comments. How you think you're gonna slip your comment in there and start hollering?

    The unattainable girls on Instagram are my least favorite, and they have these boosted egos, because they have a bunch of internet stalkers.

    When you see the shawtys on Instagram who are only getting like 200 likes, that's a diamond in the rough. Real talk, that's like a goldmine.

    1,000 to 3,000 likes is okay, but the 200 to 300 to 400 likes area, that's means she's a best kept secret and you don't wanna show any of your friends."
  • The West Coast rapper is the first solo artist named Kyle ever to make the Hot 100 in the chart's history. Other musicians called Kyle include Matchbox Twenty guitarist Kyle Cook, jazz musician Kyle Eastwood, The View vocalist Kyle Falconer, The String Cheese Incident keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth, country music songwriter Kyle Jacobs and Beware of Darkness frontman Kyle Nicolaides.
  • Kyle's first introduction to Lil Yachty came when the Atlanta rapper asked in a tweet who he should have a dance battle with and many replied, "You should battle Kyle."

    "It never happened, but that's how we met and started talking," Kyle told Billboard magazine. "Then, I was making 'iSpy' with [producer] Ayo and we wanted to make something that feels good and is a banger. I FaceTimed [Lil Yachty] and he heard the song and within two seconds was like, 'Yeah I'm down.'"

    "He said he was going to be there in 30 minutes and three hours later he showed up, but it doesn't matter," Kyle added. "He showed up and wrote his verse in a split second and it was flawless."
  • The Colin Tilley-directed video finds Kyle and Lil Yachty morphed into CGI babies hanging out with hot bikini babes at the beach. The West coast rapper is grateful to the director for bringing his seashore concept to fruition. "I told him, 'This song is fun. The video needs to be twice as fun. Let's come up with the scenario that is feel good," he told Fader. "It doesn't get more feel good than being a baby surrounded by incredible looking women at the beach with no cares in the world."

    At one point, Kyle plays a toy piano in front of a gorgeous mermaid who is wagging her fin. The rapper said it had always been his dream to serenade a beautiful mermaid. "When I was a little kid at the beach, I was like, 'This is lit but if I had a mermaid babe with me, life would be ten time as good,'" said Kyle.


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