by Kyle (featuring Kehlani)

Album: Light of Mine (2018)
Charted: 61


  • Here, Kyle sings about being frustrated by a girl he likes. She is playing games with him and he feels he is wasting his time.

    Girl, why are you playin' with me?
    I don't got the time for that
    Might need me a refund, haha
    I'ma need that time back
    Precious time by playing games

    Asked by Genius if this was inspired by any specific female, Kyle replied:

    "I had so many girls play with my heart my entire life. You feel me. If you were ever a dude that was in 9th grade and was under 5'3, you relate to this song. You can feel the actual pain… You can be in love with somebody for four years, or your whole high school time, and then all of the sudden she's dating Reggie Bush and it's just like, 'You don't got no six pack. You ain't hit the gym not once,' so it's like, it's over for you."
  • The song is a duet with Kehlani. The Oakland artist previously collaborated with Kyle on his 2015 song "Just A Picture." In an interview with Beats 1's Zane Lowe, Kyle explained he first met Kehlani at a friend's party, and the two have connected musically ever since.
  • The Colin Tilley-directed music video pits Kyle, Kehlani and another contestant named Code Leef against each other on the fictional dating game show Playinwitme. The trio's skills are tested to prove their worthiness with a series of challenges for the right to take Bianca out on a date. Kyle told NME about the shoot:

    "That was hella fun, that's my pocket, not taking things too seriously. I like being funny, I like laughing with people. There wasn't a second of that video that felt like work. Shooting a music video sometimes can be a job. A lot of people don't know what I mean when I say that, sometimes it's not what you expected it to be but this time it was a breeze. I wish I could have shot it again, that's how much fun it was."


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