Paradise Is You

Album: Trouble in Paradise (2014)


  • This song finds La Roux's Elly Jackson in tropical paradise away from her beloved. However, without her lover, the palm-lined beach is "nothing nice."
  • The song is a track from La Roux's Trouble In Paradise album. Jackson explained its title to NME: "There are lot of themes to the record and I think that 'Trouble In Paradise' is a nice umbrella title," she said. "In songs I like the juxtaposition between dark and light. It's that feeling you get when you're in a club and there's a tune that's essentially a happy tune, but there's something about it that's melancholy – whether it's a chord, or one part of the melody, or one line of the lyrics – and it makes you feel like you could cry, but also run at the same time. That's what really gets me – that mood – and that's what the record tries to capture."
  • This track and the rest of the album's sunny atmosphere comes from growing up in Brixton, where La Roux still lives. (A large percentage of Brixton's population is of African and Caribbean descent). "I never really felt it came out on my first record," she told The Independent, "but I've always been fascinated by Caribbean culture."


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