Climb on Board

Album: Electronic Earth (2012)


  • This is the opening track from Electronic Earth, the debut studio album of Labrinth. The record was largely self-produced by the English electronic musician, and recorded over a two year period. He explained the thinking behind the set to Blues and Soul magazine: "Basically Electronic Earth represents musically where I'm headed to as an artist. In that I wanna be able to make both acoustic and electronic music side-by-side, and not have to worry about whether they sound right next to each other. You know, on one side you have artists like Adele who's very much on an acoustic vibe, and then on the other you have like maybe Justice, who are a kind of electro-house band. And to me, what I'm about as a musician is joining those two worlds together… So yeah, in that way Electronic Earth does truly represent me as both an artist and a producer."
  • This song's jungle rhythms and upbeat synths kick off the album in a joyous way. Labrinth told The Sun: "I found a chord sequence, sung harmonies over it. I used to love it when Queen and Michael Jackson did that."


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