Let It Be

Album: Take Me to the Truth (2014)
Charted: 11
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  • The first single from Labrinth's Take Me to the Truth album, the English musician launched the song during a surprise performance at Stables Market Camden, London on August 17, 2014. "I knew I had been gone a long time and needed to come back with a single that was special, something forward-thinking," he said. "I wanted an opening statement to my second album and I put extra pressure on myself to come up with that."
  • Labrinth admitted to Digital Spy concerns about releasing the tune as it doesn't sound like anything he's done before. "It made me go back and look at all the other records again," he said, "and be like, 'Ah, maybe it needs to sound more exciting? Maybe it's not poppy enough? Or commercial enough.'"
  • The 'Take Me To the Truth' title was inspired by Labrinth's decision to shun big-name collaborations on the album. "The truth is, I'm not going to pretend to be friends with loads of Hollywood stars and put them on my album and make s--t records with them just to have their name on there," he told Digital Spy. "I did work with a few US artists - like, massive names - but I just didn't think the songs were quite right, so I thought, 'I don't want to put out crap music.'"

    "I don't want to make something I don't enjoy, because I'm going to have to sing it for the next two years," Labrinth added. "I was like, 'Just don't do it, don't put it on the album.'"
  • Labrinth explained to The Independent that the idea behind the song is "telling people the reality of what I'm in."
  • Labrinth admitted to The Sun that he expected criticism for using the same title as a classic Beatles song. "All my mates were like, 'Lab,' It's a bit ballsy to name your record 'Let It Be' and I agree – but it's an important song about the anxiety and fear caused by worrying and trying to control where your life is going."


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