Nothing Stands in Our Way

Album: Broken Crown Halo (2014)


  • Co-vocalist Cristina Scabbia told the All Things Metal radio show this driving rocker summarizes the story of Lacuna Coil. "All these years together, going through ups and downs, but still strong," she said. "We won't stop for anything," the singer added. "We're really confident, and we really go for what we want. So I believe that this song connects very much with the crowds. It's sort of like our message to whomever is out there. It's just, like, if you have a dream, go for it, because we are the perfect example that if you go for it, you can get there."
  • The song was released as the lead single from Lacuna Coil's seventh studio album, Broken Crown Halo. Asked by Loudwire what the "Broken Crown Halo" title means to him personally, co-singer Andrea Ferro said: "We were looking for a title that could represent a kingdom and crown, something to separate real and fake. Some things that you try to perfect and make perfect usually aren't as perfect as it seems."

    "The main concept was to portray the reality of today, which is very shallow and fake," he added. "We don't want to live in a fabricated illusion; we want to accept existence even if it's sometimes in darkness. It's not always easy, but we're going to keep going and following our dreams no matter what."
  • Speaking to Amb Pirate of Capital Chaos TV, Andrea Ferro explained the track's lyrical message. "The inspiration for the song came from the very negative situation we were surrounded [by] while we were writing the album, and there was all this news about how much the economies were collapsing in Europe, and not only in Europe, and then how [many] people were getting fired or losing their jobs and [committing] suicide because of that," he said. "And all this negativity around us pushed us towards focusing on our dreams. Even if your dream is very far away, and maybe you will never reach it, or maybe you will reach ten percent, or fifty percent, you need to be focused on your dreams, even in very negative times. That's why you need the strength, you need to not be stopped by anything. Even if you can have the worst thing happening to you, you still need to find that special energy to go on. And that's the message of the song. Because that's the reality. That's how we have approached our career, and in the end it pays off."

    "We never expected, when we started in Milan, Italy, to become an international band, being able to play these kinds of events or touring the world," Ferro continued. "We never expected it, because there was no history of other Italian rock/metal bands doing this. But we believed in our dream. We got lucky, we got unlucky, we did mistakes, we've been up high, we've been low down… everything happened in our career, and we're still here, we're still doing it. So it's important that you stay focused on your dreams, even in negative times."


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