Be Patient With My Love

  • Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley wrote this song about finding direction again after a few aimless years. Following Lady Antebellum's Heart Break album, he felt stuck in a rut and was drinking far too much. Kelley had some come-to-Jesus conversations with his wife Cassie and the band. Through that process, he got back in touch with his Christian faith and found himself again.

    I'm comin' back
    Like holy redemption
    I'm comin' back to the man that I was
    So, please don't give up
    Be patient with my love

    Kelley said at a media event: "That song is one that, I think when people hear it, will get an insight to some of the struggles I've been through but also how it's only gotten us stronger as a band."
  • Charles Kelley wrote the song with Dave Barnes and Ben West. He recalled to Apple Music that they had quickly come up with this "funny, fun, happy song," but Kelley felt it was too frivolous – he wanted something more real. Barnes started strumming his guitar and Kelley began to pour his heart out.

    Might've done it this time
    I drank too much wine
    I might've said something that I can't take back

    The ironic thing was at the time he wrote it, Kelley was still drinking too much and chasing after something. It was only around nine months later that he came to his senses. "This is hands down the most vulnerable and open and honest I've ever been in my songwriting," he said.


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