Always Remember Us This Way

Album: A Star Is Born Soundtrack (2018)
Charted: 25 41
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  • "Always Remember Us This Way" was recorded by Lady Gaga for the 2018 remake of the classic movie A Star is Born. Gaga, who plays rising star Ally, sings this twangy piano ballad at the end of a concert she is taking part in.
  • The song was written at a Nashville writing camp hosted by Lady Gaga and producer David Cobb. Gaga penned the tune with:

    Natalie Hemby, whose other credits include Little Big Town's "Pontoon" and Lady Antebellum's "Downtown."

    Lori McKenna, who won consecutive Best Country Song Grammy Awards for Little Big Town's "Girl Crush" in 2016 and Tim McGraw's "Humble and Kind" in 2017.

    Hillary Lindsey, who also co-penned "Girl Crush" as well as many of Carrie Underwood's major hits. Lindsay has collaborated with Lady Gaga on several previous occasions, including her single "Million Reasons."
  • Cobb recalled to Esquire that the group at the Nashville songwriting camp mainly worked on material for Ally. "Every song was custom-written for the character, where the character was in the arc of that story," he said.

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  • Another Fat F-- Leaving A Casino from Los Angeles Well this one is hard to listen to for me. My old girlfriend and I saw this movie together and we got in a fight on the same day about her fingernails. Stupid.

    The relationship became toxic after a while and although I am selfish and things are my way or the highway, She had BPD chronic narcissism or a combination of the two. Either one, the whole thing became toxic.

    But for several years the highest were very high and everything was wonderful.

    We used to do everything together, work out together, travel, training martial arts Etc. She's a great lady and I wish her happiness. She was always accusing me of cheating, that I was going to leave her; I never cheated but she was right, she pushed me away as she said she does in her prior relationships.

    I used to feel like the two in the video, always happy, loving affectionate that's how it was between us. It was unlike anything I've felt. Then she started taking things out on me because I think she was frustrated and resented the fact I would not marry her which I told her in the beginning.

    I'm glad I'm out of that relationship at this point but the very end of the video when they get off the bus and she looks at him... I told her in person when we would watch this video together and I would say : yeah you used to look at me that way and she did.

    I don't like to listen to the song very much, unless I'm on weed et cetera.

    Great song, I won't watch the movie again though.

    Too much to remember
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