Laid To Rest

Album: Ashes of the Wake (2004)


  • Most of the songs on Ashes Of The Wake are political, calling out American political leaders for misguided wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This song, however, seems to be about drug addiction and other things that will harm you in life, seen from the perspective of the drug, the man taking it, and a man who is giving advice because he has already experienced it.

    Man affected by drug: "If there was a single day I could live, a single breath I could take, I'd trade all the others away." - He is saying that he has been permanently scarred by the drug and wishes he could have one day were he was normal again.

    The drug: "I'll make all your dreams come to life and slay them as quickly as they came." - Saying that once you have used the drug it will be amazing but afterwards the effects will be horrible and damage your brain.

    Man giving advice: "Lay this to rest console yourself you're better alone destroy yourself. See who gives a f--k." - He is saying that you're much better off without the drug and even if you do take it no one will care that you died. >>
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    Sid - Waynesvile, NC
  • The music video, directed by Chris Sims, was debuted on MTV2's Headbangers Ball. This being 2004 (pre-Youtube), it was then made available for download, meaning fans could tie up their computers for a while downloading the Quicktime file (often on a dial-up connection) and play a low-resolution version on their machines.

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  • William from United StatesPersonally, I see this song as representing someone in a bad relationship. It's more of a personal thing.
    Chorus is about a friend telling someone in a bad relationship that they're better alone, and if they go into self-harm, no one will care, so they've got to stay strong in the face of bad feelings.
  • Andrew from Colton, CaGreat Song!!
    Very clearly about drug abuse, i believe when he says "see who gives a f--k" its about how everyone overlooks and doesnt care about the hopeless drug addict trying to "console themselves"
  • Jordan from Wagoner, Oki think its about killing.its pretty simple,the bloods on the wall,you shot someone,its perfectly normal for a blackened death metal band to sing about murder
  • Doug from B, IaI think that it could very well be about drug abuse. I've always thought it was about murder, especially after watching the video, but who know? Who cares? Awesome song.
  • Mike from Denver, Coany drug can f--k you up. trust me. i learned the hard way. i no it sounds stupid when people say dont do drugs and wat not. but listen to them! its not wat you thnik. drugs will f--k you up. my father payed the ultimate price [R.I.P.]
  • Chris from Edmonton, Abi think that if this song is about drug abuse there probably talking about the hardcore ones like herion or meth
  • Ryan from Orlando, FlI wouldnt be surprised, I smoke with my fans. Marijuana is one of the least addictive drugs on the market, it relieves the stress of being on the road, and it enhances musical creativity.
  • Josh from Chicago, IlPeople I know claimed to have smoked Marijuana with some or all of the members of Lamb of God after one of their shows...
  • Rachit from Kathmandu, Nepalif there was a single day i could live ,living in genocide,a single breathe i could take- trap in confusions,i'd trade all the others away- hatred to mankind
  • Ariel from Toronto, CanadaI'm not sure if I'd look at it that way. I get the sense that Lamb Of God doesn't think highly of drug abuse, they're more of the alchohol type, and most of their videos and lyrics relate to violence, in all forms, particualrly the mob, and war. With this song, keeping this in mind, I think it's about a man who has committed a murder by accident; manslaughter. "the blood's on the wall, so you might as well just admit it, and bleach out the stains, commit to forgetting it" etc. Although it could be interpreted as a metaphor, I think Lamb of God has a fairly direct approach with their lyrics, so this is probably saying something about the number of criminals who get away with their crimes.
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