I Can Always Find a Little Sunshine In The Y.M.C.A.

Album: Songs of WWI (1918)
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  • Sixty years before Village People released "Y.M.C.A.", Irving Berlin wrote this. At the time the latter was released, Berlin was still alive although very old - he died in September 1989, aged 101. It is not known if he ever heard the Village People song but one thing is safe to say, the straightlaced twice married Berlin would not have found any humour in the innuendo that accompanies it.
  • Berlin's down tempo number was recorded at the time on Victor by Lambert Murphy with the Orpheus Quartet. It was also used in the 1943 film This Is The Army which Berlin scored as part of his contribution to the war effort. The song is part of the Library of Congress National Jukebox. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2
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