Terrence Loves You

Album: Honeymoon (2015)


  • Written by Del Rey and her frequent collaborator Rick Nowels, this sax-tinged track finds her singing about a lost relationship. The songstress said it's her favorite number from Honeymoon because it's "jazzy."
  • Three-quarters of the way through the track, Del Rey quotes lyrics from David Bowie's iconic song, "Space Oddity":

    Ground control to Major Tom
    Can you hear me all night long?
    Ground control to Major Tom

    Del Rey is referencing the death of Bowie's astronaut, Major Tom, as he falls into endless space. She is comparing his slow demise to the fading away of her relationship.
  • Though "Terrence" appears in the song title, he is not mentioned by name in the song's lyrics.

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  • Roberta Trevisan Marques De Souza from Sao PauloI think this song is about Terrence Stamp.
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