Good Guys

Album: Mama's Boy (2020)


  • The premise behind 'Good Guys" is that when men act like the nice guy and "get too real" about their feelings, they scare off their love interest.

    I just wanna be the one you call
    Anything you need, anything at all
    All I wanna do is let you in
    But good guys, good guys never win

    Faced with this dilemma, LANY singer Paul Klein recognizes that he needs to "play it cool."

    So I won't text back
    For a couple hours
    What I really wanna do is
    Bring you flowers
  • Said Klein explained the song's meaning: "As soon as you say 'I love spending time with you' to someone, they figure something out and they're not interested anymore. It's like a challenge. You accomplish the task of getting someone to like you and they move on."
  • This is the lead single from LANY's third album, Mama's Boy. It follows a theme that the band explored on "Good Girls," the first single off their 2017 eponymous album.
  • LANY wrote the song with:

    King Henry, who writes and produces alongside Diplo and is involved in many of the DJ's projects. His credits include Major Lazer's "Cold Water" and "Know No Better" and LSD's "Thunderclouds."

    King Henry's frequent collaborator and romantic partner Sasha Sloan, whose other credits include Louis Tomlinson's "Just Hold On" and Camila Cabello's Never Be the Same."

    Kacey Musgraves' Golden Hour producer, Ian Fitchuk.


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