Curse the Bed

Album: Achin' and Shakin' (2010)
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  • Bundy wrote this with the Nashville songwriters Nathan Chapman, Andrew Dorff for her second album, which is divided into the "Achin'" side and the "Shakin'" side, representing two aspects of her personality. "Curse the Bed" appears on the "Achin'" side, and in our interview with Laura Bell Bundy, she said of the song: "There's two meanings for me. It's the ending of a relationship, and what that bed signifies for me personally, but it reminds me of my parents and when they divorced more than it reminds me of my life. So when I sing it I'm almost thinking of them."
  • Regarding the lyrics, "I took a shower, put on a long white dress, and then danced for hours around the flames," Bundy told us: "You wear white when you're cleansed again. It also represents what you wear when you get married, and what you wear when you're baptized – you wear white. And what you wear at your first communion. I was raised Catholic, so it's like there's something pure and really cleansing about wearing white that I feel like, I'm gonna wear a flowy white long dress. There was something pure about it. Now, I'm gonna take a shower, I'm gonna get rid of this, and I'm new again. And I'm gonna dance around these flames that are burning up high. I'm okay. But I curse this."


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