• Lecrae is rapping here about people thinking more about what they're saying and promoting. "Humanity is responsible for civilizations, computers, pyramids! We've been created with more potential than what we are talking about in our music," he explained to The Michigan News. "Our aspirations are falling short. Who brags on being a playground all-star? We haven't even explored our NBA potential."
  • Lecrae raps in his second verse about issues that he feels other rappers should be talking about:

    And every song talking 'bout they selling work on every corner
    Don't talk about the laws, taking kids away from mommas
    Don't talk about your homie in the trauma 'cause he shot up

    The last line may be a personal reference to Lecrae's cousin who got shot after leaving a party. The rapper referenced the incident on his Church Clothes 2 track, "My Whole Life Changed." ("My cousin walked out a party, bow, got shot
    Pow, pow, pow.")
  • The song's producer Gawvi was inspired to create an up to date version of the 1995 hip-hop single "I Got 5 On It" by the West Coast duo Luniz. Lecrae recalled on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "Gawvi called me into the studio and said, 'I've got this crazy song,' He's always got a set-up for every song. He can't just play it for you. He's gotta tell you this long story about how he was inspired."

    Lecrae loved the beat and started working on lyrics for it that night.
  • This plays during the trailer for the Disney Channel's original movie Bad Hair Day.


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