South Bound Saurez

Album: In Through The Out Door (1979)


  • The title is spelled wrong. It was supposed to be "Suarez," Spanish for party. The song is some carefree fun from Led Zeppelin, with Robert Plant singing about a girl that makes him feel oh so good.
  • Zeppelin bass player John Paul Jones did much of the work writing this. The song is centered around his piano.
  • Jimmy Page made a few minor guitar mistakes, but he left them in. He always preferred a spontaneous feel over a perfect take.
  • Along with "All My Love," this is one of just two Zeppelin songs Jimmy Page had no part in writing. It is credited to Jones and Robert Plant. At the time, Page and drummer John Bonham were spending a lot of time together and were rarely at the studio when Plant and Jones started working on songs for In Through The Out Door. Bonham died in 1980 after a drinking binge at Page's house.

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  • Vanzeppelin from Craig I think when we talk about such great talents we shouldn’t just repeat ie rolling stone mag and other sources. Cause as readers we only get one side of a story if it’s even close to being realistic Or true. In the 70’s a lot of singer song writers came through and hung out in the Manitou Springs Area. I don’t remember any of them being as “drugged” out as the tabloids reported. Just my take on a huge industry. van
  • Xxx from Miami BeachThis song has a 1950s feel to it because of the strong piano and the way Robert is singing reminds me of the song rock and roll which also has a strong piano in it obviously it's influenced by the 1950s Little Richard Chuck Berry Joe Turner
  • Pedro from PortugalJohn of St Louis is right.
    Saurez was a error of "Soirée", a word that means "happy reception" at the late evening in French. Imagine a thing like a wedding. Some drinks, some food, etc
    Party in spanish is "fiesta"
    Be sure. I don't speak Spanish, but i understand a 1/3 . I'm neighbour of those guys (spanish's)
    And well,,_ a Soiree with the 'Zepellin' would be magnificent :)
  • Carrie from Hilton, Nythis song is kind of gigity :)
  • Robert from Bolivar, Mothis song is very sexual,nauty but nice
  • Roger from Kettering, OhI love a good party song. Hi Melissa, would you like to meet for coffee sometime?..:] Zep is the Best!
  • Melanie from Seattle, WaKent from Palo Alto, you might want to check your facts, first of all Plant was not struggling with a crippling addiction problem, he and JPJ were relatively free of drugs. And about The Who: Roger Daltrey, the lead singer, was not addicted to drugs either, in fact I think he was the only one of the four members who didn't mess around with drugs.
  • Melanie from Seattle, Wai love this song makes me feel like dancing :p and JPJ's keyboards are crazy good.
  • Bill from Topeka, Ksi like how the drums come in a nice easy feel from bonham
  • John from St. Louis, MoCorrection: The title of the song was an attempt to spell "Soiree," which is French for "an evening party."
  • Mark from Worcester, MiInstead of screaming think about it at me, why don't you read about it. Why do I think he is the way he is today? His last effort Mighty Rearranger is great stuff. What's wrong with him? In the Richard Cole book he said Plant didn't get into heroin, and he took so many pain killers after his injury, he was sick of drugs. Plant stated he had no serious drug problems. John Paul Jones said of he and Plant "there were two camps in we were in the relatively clean one." John Paul Jones also said, "looking back it does seem Robert and I were holding it together while others dealt with problems." Why do you think he was seriously drugged?
  • Scott from Oxford, NcBonham & Page were drugged up on heroin, Plant just lost his son but was able to get in the studio with Jones to put this album together. Page & Bonham didn't like the album as they came in late at night to play their parts. It is an underrated album IMO.
  • Cam from Orange Beach, Althis is one of their last songs. Wearing and Tearing was their very last.
  • Paul from Muskegon, MsPlant not seriously drugged? Come on, give me a break. Why do you think he is the way he is today? THINK ABOUT IT....
  • Mark from Worcester, MiI like this song and I like the lively piano fills JPJ plays. Good vocal effort as well. There seems to be some kind of campaign to slag off ITTOD, by Page and Plant because of the heavy JPJ influence. I like the songs on this album. Both the Page songs and the JPJ songs and I wish they would show some respect for each other.
  • Mark from Worcester, MiPlant was not "seriously drugged," as Page was. John Paul Jones said of he and Plant: "There were two camps, and we were in the relatively clean one." Page, Peter Grant, Richard Cole, and John Bonham, were heavily drugged. Not Robert Plant. It?s not fair to say a guy had a heroin problem when he didn?t. That?s how rumors start.
  • Stan from Hop Bottom , PaIt is probaly the best song on In Through The Out Door.
  • Paul from Muskegon, MiPlant and Page were seriously drugged during the late 70's and early 80's. They began using cocaine and heroin. I believe that their music improved towards the end of their career.
  • Mark from Worcester, MiThanks Francisco. Kent I don't think Plant had any addiction problems. I think he lost his little boy. Add in all the guilt that goes along with not being around for his boy while working (touring) and I'm sure he was messed up, but not drugged up. Problems of Page and Bonham are well documented. John Paul and Plant put a pretty good record together considering. A fun song.
  • Jeffrey from Oakland, CaOne of the more underrated LZ songs in my opinion. Jones' piano on this track is FIRE.

    As a matter of fact the whole album it's from is pretty underrated.
  • Marcus from Tigard, OrI love the guitar in this song. Real crungey and funky.
  • Melissa from Fairborn, OhI love the song that featured a boogie-woogie piano on this song.
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, CaLed Zeppelin mirrored The Who quite a bit at this time. Their guitarist and lead songwriter was struggling with crippling addiction problems, and the drummer's battle with alcohol would soon lead to his death. This left the bass player to handle more songwriting duties to pick up the slack.
  • Francisco from Barcelona, SpainSuarez is not a term for party is a name.
  • Jango from Chennai, IndiaGood song.....sounds fun, like its meant for a circus or a party or sumthing.
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