A Woman Like You

Album: Hard 2 Love (2011)
Charted: 33
  • This is the first single by the country singer Lee Brice, from his sophomore album. The song finds the narrator telling his girl what he would have done if he'd never met her. He admits that he'd have done "a lot more offshore fishin'" and taken "a few strokes off my golf game," but concludes, "Alone and out there on the loose, I'd be lookin' for a woman like you."
  • Nashville songwriters Phil Barton and Jon Stone, and country artist Johnny Bulford penned the song. Sydney, Australia-born Phil Barton has numerous credits on assorted country, children's and pop records including David Nail's cut "She Rides Away." Jon Stone is a good friend of Lee Brice and the pair have written a number of tracks together including "Seven Days" for Kenny Chesney. Johnny Bulford has opened for such headliners as Collin Raye, Josh Turner, Trick Pony, and Emerson Drive and has also written material with Chris Young, including "Flashlight," a track from the Nashville Star champ's Neon album.
  • Speaking to Taste of Country, Barton recalled the story of the song: "Johnny was running really late that morning. His alarm didn't go off. So me and Jon sat there for an hour, and jammed on the music of the song. When Johnny arrived, we started talking, and somehow the song idea came about. Jon just mumbled the words when we were singing the melody."

    "We basically wrote and wrote, for close to 10 hours," he continued. "We knew it was cool. We went to dinner after. We were all kind of exhausted. We all went home from dinner that night, and Jon took the song to Lee's house. He played it for Lee. When I woke up the next morning, in my inbox in my e-mail was a version of Lee singing the song with just a guitar, which was pretty cool. Before we all knew it, Lee was playing the song for Curb [Records]. In the end, that version of the song ended up being the final recording, with just a few extra guitars added in there."
  • The song's protagonist claims that he, "probably never would have heard of yoga," had he not met his beau. Barton told Taste of Country that line was one of several that, "were fun to write." "When we play that song out at places like the Bluebird Cafe, people always like that line," he said. "Some people have started to call it the 'Yoga Song,' which is pretty cool. Jon had an old green 'Nova, which is why we put it in the chorus. Then we couldn't find any rhymes with 'Nova, so we threw in 'yoga.' We were all laughing, but it seemed to fit into the song."

    The closest we've had to "The Yoga Song" to this point has been "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)," where the singer places a personal ad requesting a girl who is "not into yoga."
  • Brice told The Boot that the song was personally pitched to him. "Jon Stone came over and said, 'I wrote this song.' He played it for me and I knew immediately I wanted to record it," he explained: "I went out and recorded a demo of it and within a couple weeks, my label [Curb Records] told me they wanted to release it as my next single." "It's a very special story and it makes the women happy," Brice added, "We definitely want to keep the women happy!"
  • This song gave Brice his first #1 as an artist. The singer-songwriter had two previous chart-toppers as a writer with Garth Brooks' "More Than a Memory " and the Eli Young Band's "Crazy Girl."
  • Barton told American Songwriter magazine: "The inspiration really came from Jon Stone's girlfriend asking him constant questions like 'what would you do if I died,' and so on. Jon kind of mumbled the line, 'what would you do if you had never met me.' I think we all related to the idea and each wrote it thinking of our own situations."


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