The Way Love Goes

Album: The Hits! (2010)
Charted: 8


  • This is the first single from British soul singer Lemar's greatest hits album, The Hits!. It is one of three new songs on the record.
  • The song was co-written and produced by the Norwegian-born, NYC-based production duo Stargate. The other credited writers are Spice Girls collaborator Richard "Biff" Stannard, Ash Howes whose resume include songs recorded by Westlife and Kylie Minogue and Stevie M, for whom this was the first major hit that he'd been involved with.
  • Lemar told Blues and Soul magazine about the song: "With The Hits album being a celebration of what I've done so far as well as being a look into what I want to do in the future, I didn't want the first single to be too serious. So, while lyrically the topic of the song is love and there is a serious thread going through it, sonically I wanted the actual track to be light-hearted, upbeat and different to what some people have become accustomed to from me. You know, after songs like 'If There's Any Justice' and 'It's Not That Easy', I think people just got used to hearing me in that very old skool soul style and maybe forgot about earlier songs like 'Dance (With U)' and '50/50'. So, with the 'The Way Love Goes', I just wanted to flip it and to show people there is another side to me - as well as coming with a live, upbeat track to help create a celebration-type vibe for the album."


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