All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Album: All My Best Friends Are Metalheads (2000)
Charted: 51
  • One of the most popular songs by the Florida ska-rock band Less Than Jake, this song is about how it's unwise to judge people for the color of their skin or their religion or how they dress - it's much better to get to know someone instead of making assumptions. The "metalheads" aren't mentioned in the lyrics, but are an example of a group that is often harshly judged and widely misunderstood.
  • When we spoke with Less Than Jake lead singer Chris Demakes in 2011, we asked him about how he felt about modern metal bands, and if the music carried the same message it did when he listened to it growing up. Said Chris: "I can appreciate some of the players and some of the songs. My issue with it is that I'm old enough - I'm 37 - I'm old enough to have witnessed bands in the '80s doing that better. I've already experienced something that was new and refreshing to me at that age, that when I hear it now it just sounds regurgitated and not as good. This, in fact, might be better than what it used to be. But I've already heard this song and dance before."
  • "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads" is used in Digimon: The Movie, and is also featured on the soundtrack CD of the film which was released September 19, 2000. >>
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    Chris - Spokane, WA
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  • John from Salt Lake City, UtMy take: This song could very well have been written about a relationship - "His strength of convivtion" and "her faith in religion." However, being "one in a crowd" and thinking it's strange that "they're not the same as you" would seem to contradict that.

    The addition after the song was written of the intro, further broadens the scope of these lyrics. One can apply this motto to all their interactions with others. You can choose to be "paranoid of every sound" or you can "not judge any person only as a _____."

    No matter what, this song is one of the greatest!
  • Beans from Philadelphia, Paha, love this song!!! less than jake rocks my freakin socks!!!
  • Jimmy from Twinsburg, OhThis song is the best song ever, and it is that type of song that you can listen to over and over to and never get tired of it. Especially that intro of that guy that sounds like he is giving a speech. That is the best part.
  • Robotdl3 from Mt. Prospect, IlIt's actually about discovering how, in a realationship, sometimes you really barely know anything about each other.
  • Trippy Rock from Llantwit Fardre, United Statesless than jake rock. ska is so cool. you should listen to 'help save the youth of america from exploding' go on, download it now!
  • Stacey from Someplace, Australialess than jake rox my sox
  • Doug from Balintore, Scotlandawesome song, less than jake are one of my favourite bands
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