Between the Raindrops

Album: Almeria (2012)
Charted: 79


  • The first single from Lifehouse's sixth studio album features the British pop singer and songwriter Natasha Bedingfield, who is a good friend of the band. Produced by long time collaborator Jude Cole, the pop-rock ballad is the first duet Lifehouse ever recorded. The song was released on September 9, 2012 via iTunes.
  • Speaking about the tune, lead singer Jason Wade said: "'Between the Raindrops' is a confluence of all these different musical styles coming together. There is this cinematic spaghetti western undercurrent breathing and moving in the confines of a pop rock song. The track started as a complete experiment, a sort of stream of consciousness. Over the next few ensuing months Jude and I rewrote the song at least half a dozen times. We brought our friend Jacob Kasher in to help us finish the lyrics. I feel like the song really was solidified and came to life when Natasha came down to the studio and sang on the track."
  • According to press materials, Wade "stumbled into" the song. Its genesis occurred on a day when he had family in town and limited time to work. Nevertheless, the singer "had this melody reverberating in my head," so he made a short detour into the studio, "threw all these different instruments down on tape" and a half-hour later had "the bare bones of the track." Working with Jude Cole and Jacob Kasher, Wade and the rest of the band further developed the song over the next three and a half months.
  • The album was named after the picturesque Spanish town of Almería, which was the location for the filming of many of the classic spaghetti westerns filmed in the mid 1960's. The studio at Box Canyon, California where Lifehouse recorded Almería had a similar arid landscape. "Sometimes the backdrop of where you create can reverberate through the music," explained Wade. "This was the case with spending some time up in Box Canyon. There was already reflections of spaghetti western sounds in the music, but the landscape almost infused some of the soul of the westerns into a good portion of the album."
  • The song's music video was also shot in Box Canyon. Wade told how the idea came together: "We did it up at Box Canyon at our manager's place. It lended itself to the textures of the album," he explained. "The place that he lives up there, it used to be one of those Western ghost towns where they used to film all of those Westerns.
    The video is essentially a performance piece," he continued. "Natasha [Bedingfield], myself and the band appear in different vignettes and there's an ominous storm that's coming towards the camera."


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